Music Policy



Arizona State Cheerleading and Pom  Tournament

Music Policy

State encourages all teams to use the app Cheer Music Player (available for free on ITunes or the Google Play Store).  This app will ensure flawless playback during State (and any other competition) on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you chose to not use the app Cheer Music Player, the following steps must be followed:

  1. All music played must be downloaded on the device that is being used during the competition.  You may use a smartphone, tablet or computer.  (Note:  this means you MAY NOT stream your music through data – it MUST be downloaded onto your device)
  2. All devices must be on Airplane mode while in use at the competition and you will be required to show this to the DJ.  If your device is not in Airplane mode and there are issues with your music, you will forfeit the opportunity to allow your team to redo their routine.  There are no exceptions to this!

Your understanding and following of State music policies allow for our tournament to be run as efficiently and as safely as possible for all teams involved.  

According to the U.S. copyright laws, the following do’s and don’ts must be followed for music use during competitions.  There is a fine of up to $150,000 for copyright infringement.


  1. Music must be purchased legally (ITunes, Amazon, Purchased CD, etc) 
  2. Coaches/athletes must use only properly licensed music and written confirmation of such licenses should be available upon request
  3. Purchased music is for private use.  The purchaser may not give copies or reproduce for others
  4. Use single songs in routines with only minor edits made for timing
  5. Use an approved vendor for varied music and be able to show proof of proper licensing if asked
  6. Use original compositions


  1. You may not create changes in music without proper, written authorizations (ex; adding words, beats, sound effects or changing tempos)
  2. Assume that if you have asked for permission to use music and don’t receive written authorization that you have permission

Questions or Concerns?  Please email Erin –