Coaches Information


 Register and send Payment – Check or Purchase Order (Hard Copy)

1st Registration Period $30.00 per participant per entry

August 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019

        2nd Registration Period $40.00 per participant per entry

December 1, 2019 to December  31,2019

Final  Registration Period $45.00 per participant per entry

January 01 - January 24, 2020

Verify Confirmation email (sent by State after Registration Payment has been received)! Changes in numbers will NOT be allowed after 1/24/2020 (5pm)!

 Make Hotel Reservation (if needed) 1/15/2020

 Medical Release Forms for each Participant Turn in day of Competition

Coach – please copy for participants

 Read State 2020 Guidebook ASAP

 Review AACCA Rules ASAP

Divisions and Timing of Routines:

   A minimum of three teams must be entered in each division for that division to compete. Head coaches will be notified by week of January 27, 2020 if a division does not make. Refunds will be made only if a division does not make.

 The STATE office will determine which divisions will be broken into small and large. The break into small and large in a division will occur when there is more than 8 teams entered in a division and will occur at the natural break. Therefore: All changes in numbers must be made to State 2020 by January 24, 2020! NO Changes will be made after the final confirmation letter is sent the week of January  24th– NO EXCEPTIONS. We know that injuries and illness are common the week before a competition, however in order to be fair to all teams competing, this rule will not be changed for any reason.

 If there are not enough teams to split the division into small and large – the division will compete with all numbers. Our judges are trained to judge on performance – not size of teams.

 State 2020 will give banners to the top three teams (In the event of a tie – a banner will be awarded to each of the teams with the same score.

Individual/solo competitors will compete for cash prizes along with medals. 1st place cash & a medal. 2nd & 3rd place will receive a medal.


While alternates are allowed to enter and be with teams during the tournament, coaches may not increase their teams registration numbers after 1/24/20 5pm to include alternates.  You may replace a team member with an alternate, but no increases in numbers or changes in divisions will occur after that deadline.  

Timing of Routines


Entrances are allowed but not timed or judged. However, quick entrances with spiriting are encouraged. Timing for your routine will begin with the first note of music, voice command, or movement by the squad. Timing will end by the last note of music, last voice command or last movement by the squad.

Routine Material:

We encourage all squads to use original and appropriate material. There is not a penalty for using camp material however, representatives from cheer companies may be judging the tournament.


MyRemix will be providing the Music/Sound once again for this year’s Tournament. Your music must be downloaded onto your device so that it plays in “Airplane” mode. For your convenience, there is a “Cheer Music Player” app available for free from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Speaker devices will be available at each station in the Warm Up area. Remember, - US Copyright law states, ‘No teams are permitted to create a remix, mash-up or melody without proper written authorization from the copyright owners”.